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Saud is a medical doctor specializing in treating lung diseases, critical care medicine, and occupational and environmental medicine. He currently serves as Chair of the Department of Internal Medicine at Manchester Memorial and Rockville General Hospitals. Saud was trained in pulmonary and critical care medicine and held a Master’s Degree in Public Health from Yale University.

Saud also works with humanitarian and peace initiatives on a local, national and global scale. In the Connecticut State Senate, Senator Anwar has served as the chair of the Public Health Committee, Housing Committee, and Children’s Committee. In these capacities, he has been a legislative leader in addressing children’s mental health, homelessness, equity in health care, and pandemic recovery.

In South Windsor, Saud is a founding member of the South Windsor Hunger Action Team, Zero Waste South Windsor, and the South Windsor Alliance for Progress. He is also the founder of South Windsor Haiti School Inc., a board member of the South Windsor Community Foundation, and a former chair of the South Windsor Human Relations Commission.

Saud is the former commissioner of Asian-Pacific American Affairs in Connecticut and served on the Health Equity Leadership Council of Connecticut, CT Health Foundation, and State Emergency Response Commission.

Nationally, Saud has testified to the 109th Congress’s Committee on Homeland Security, coordinated volunteer response to September 11, served as a consultant to the FBI’s Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee, and spoke at conferences for the Department of Homeland Security and the office of former Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano.

Internationally, Saud served on peace missions to Israel and the Middle East and medical missions to Haiti and Pakistan after natural disasters in those countries. He has spoken at conferences for Friends of Europe – Brussels, and the United States Mission to the European Union, served as a consultant for the British Department of Communities and Local Government and was Chief Coordinator for the Conference on Understanding Radicalization and De-Radicalization Strategies, which was broadcast live throughout the world.

centrodelmundo.org was conceived as a project developer in different fields, aiming to contribute to the progress of territories through strong alliances, collaboration, and exchange of skills and know-how.

To be recognized nationally and internationally for our commitment to initiatives that promote productive development through culture, innovation, Sustainability, and circular economy.


We are entrepreneurs who execute projects with a global reach, endowed with skills at the level of human capital and committed to the values of environmental preservation, sustainable development, and holistic development of the human being.

For the past ten years, in South America and now in the USA, we have helped businesses create their brand presence and achieve their goals.

We are a diverse, multi-ethnic team with several years of experience in marketing, research, and communication. This diversity allows us to have a broad vision in a globalized world.

Among our team’s core values are a strong client-service ethic built on mutual relationships, a genuine sense of shared partnership and teamwork throughout the lifespan of a project, and flexibility to accommodate evolving needs as necessary.

Another core value is our commitment to quality in everything we do. Our standards are high, and we do not settle for releasing anything that falls short of these standards.


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